Apple Sees Fall In Chinese ‘Smartphones’ Market Share

Posted on Feb 17 2012 - 9:55am by Editorial Staff

Seems like Apple and China combination is not working out for the company much – the iPhone maker getting a second straight loss – but wait this time it is not on the “trademark” issue, as the company is already plunges out on its iPad trademark in the country – but the company is losing its shine on its share on iPhone – Apple’s share of China’s booming smartphone market slipped for the second straight time since from its October-December quarter – as more and more smaller local brands  making their better mark in the Chinese market, Reuters reports.

“Chinese handset makers have been actively promoting their smartphones with China’s three telecoms operators, so we saw ZTE and Huawei gain significant market share,” said Taipei-based Gartner analyst CK Lu. Gartner said this week, “It expected Apple’s iPhone market share to slip for a couple of quarters as the novelty of its latest 4S model wears off.”

With China being set to top with 1 billion subscribers this year, there is a strong smartphone market uproar taking place among all the players – Samsung, Nokia, Apple, local firms Huawei and ZTE – with Apple regained its top spot in the Chinese market as the world’s largest smartphone vendor in the quarter four as well as for whole of the last year, it slipped to 5th place in China, overtaken by ZTE.

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