Apple ‘Road Trip’ And ‘Rock God’ Siri TV Commercials Targeting Primarily Musicians And Road Warriors

Posted on Feb 10 2012 - 5:17am by Editorial Staff

As we reported earlier that Apple’s upcoming next-generation TV set will allow users to control it using voice and hand gestures – the company is seeking an actively launch partnerships with Canada’s Rogers Communications and BCE Inc. to offer their upcoming Apple TV.

The company is going to use Siri Voice control, Apple’s personal assistant which is integrated into the new TV sets – allowing the viewers to control their TV using voice, while hand gestures also plays an important role – even there is also an onscreen keyboard is also there which allows greater navigation of a number of the Web and other inbuilt functions and apps.

The company has been seen whipping up two new TV commercials which we hope to appeal to musicians and road warriors – the first commercial showed a “Road Trip”, a series of vignettes show the GPS capability of the iPhone 4S as travellers look for things to do in their area – along with finding out for gas when they are out of it.

In the second commercial, named “Rock God”, a budding musician uses the device to find a new guitar, play a song and then contact bandmates via text.

Apple does having a history from long – such as the one of its time “Face Time” – which features grandparents seeing their grandkids for the first time.

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