Apple Patenting Curved Glass Panels Used In Shanghai Retail Store

Posted on Apr 20 2012 - 7:31am by Editorial Staff

Apple has recently seems filing a patent application for the curved glass panels which is used in its Pudong, Shanghai store in China, reports The Next Web. The company recently completed a remodel of its’5th Avenue Cube’ store in New York. The cube’s larger glass panes were made by Seele GbmH & Co., a German glass manufacturer that is Apple’s preferred partner as it is one of only two in the world that have been able to produce glass that stands up to the rigorous demands of Apple’s architects.

The Patent says:

A building panel and a building formed therefrom, where the building includes a plurality of building panels arranged to form a cylindrical shape, where each panel comprises a single, or monolithic, glass piece, where each glass piece is substantially rectangular and includes two opposing long sides extending in a height direction and two opposing short sides extending substantially in a width direction, and where each glass piece forms an identical circular arc when viewed from either of the two opposing short sides.

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