Apple Having One Retail Store Per 216 Million Chinese Citizens

Posted on Jul 4 2012 - 12:37pm by Editorial Staff

A recent Reuters reports in warning tone clearly indicating that Apple need to make its hold more in China unless it results in harming the company’s sale in country. Apple has only one retail store per 216 million Chinese citizens. Back in 2010, then Apple retail boss Ron Johnson, said that by the year end, the company would have at least 25 stores in China, but now even we passed half of 2012, there are only six stores: two in Beijing, three in Shanghai, and a recently opened store in Hong Kong. Torsten Stocker, a partner at business strategist Monitor Group said, “There’s certainly more demand than Apple can serve with their store footprint currently.” Apple its time really to do something, else sinking sales is the only thing that to be experience in coming times.

Photo Credit: mattbuchanan via photopin cc

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