Apple Got Two Options Over ‘Antennagate’ Class Action Lawsuit: $15 Or A Bumper Case For US iPhone 4 Buyers

Posted on Feb 18 2012 - 2:15pm by Editorial Staff

A settlement that comes from 18 separate lawsuits which reportedly were consolidated into one and filed against Apple in July 2010 has been reached in a class-action lawsuit has finally received preliminarily approval – the claim that Apple was “concealing and misrepresenting material information of its iPhone 4 – quality of the mobile phone antenna and reception and related software.”

According to CNET, the settlement gives the iPhone maker two options for all iPhone 4 consumers in the US – either to pay a $15 check or a free bumper case – there are still no details that whether if customers who had previously taken Apple up on its original free case offer will be eligible or not – the original suit was filed by Ira Rothken, attorney who is representing Megaupload case, on behalf of Steve Tietze before it was joined with 17 other lawsuits to apply to all iPhone 4 buyers in United States.

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