Apple And Publishers Reportedly Near DOJ Settlement Over E-Book Pricing

Posted on Apr 2 2012 - 6:33am by Editorial Staff

With the last month news that Apple along with five other publishers going to face anti-trust charges from US Department of Justice over the raise in the price of electronic books. Over on this Apple claims that it has been made the victim due to the over-analysis of its public statements that are rounding up everywhere – along with that looking out the previous argument that states that Steve Jobs made a comment to Walt Mossberg before the launch of the iPad saying that the prices will be the same in concern to Amazon’s Kindle Store. On the other hand, Apple putted up another argue saying that Amazon’s prices were pretty low and using an agency based model will allow the publishers to gain back the normality.

Reuters reports that the The Justice Department could reach a settlement in the next few weeks with Apple and some of the major publishers suspected of colluding to push up electronic book prices, cited “two people” as a source that are close to the negotiations. While negotiations are still fluid, the settlement is expected to eliminate Apple’s so-called “most favored nation” status, which had prevented the publishers from selling lower-priced e-books through rival retailers. The deal could also force a shift, at least temporarily, in pricing control from publishers to retailers.

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