Apple And Google Face US Lawsuit Over Google’s ‘Street View’ Patent Infringement

Posted on Feb 28 2012 - 6:10am by Editorial Staff

The Cupertino-based Apple and Mountain Valley-based Google – both the companies were named in a lawsuit filed by PanoMap relating to the use of patent in Google’s Street View mapping feature, PaidContent reports. According to the company claims that both the companies is infringing on its technology in the way they use Google Map’s Street View on Apple’s iPad and iPhone (US Patent No. 6,563,529).

The company is looking out for a triple damages as both Google and Apple, relates to an “interactive system for displaying detailed view and direction in panoramic images”, knew about the patent but still the duo went ahead and used it – on an whole the case is not cleared that much as it has to be – as the company “appears” to be tied up to Atlanta-based CSA whereas the patent itself moved from one to other several times.

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