Apple Accuse Of Kowtowing To China, Banning An App For ‘Illegal’ Content

Posted on Apr 4 2013 - 6:16pm by Editorial Staff

Just days after Apple CEO make an apology to Chinese consumers, the company now being accused of kowtowing to the Chinese government after baring the local access to an app which includes content that makes deemed to be ‘illegal’ in the country, reports The Financial Times (via The Next Web).

The publication reports that the bookstore app ‘jingdian shucheng’ being removed from the Chinese App Store, soon from the time the company’s Chinese App Store notified the app developer Hao Peiqiang that his app “includes content that is illegal in the country.”

email image via Hao Peiqiang

Interestingly over the fact, Apple has made the available in the country for the whole two months, although Wang himself sidestepped the suggestion over saying that Cook’s apology which comes a days ago were do somehow related to the banning of the app.

“Friends of mine tell me that Apple has had a censorship policy in place for at least two years so I’m not sure if my app’s removal has anything to do with Apple’s recent trouble,” Wang told the FT. Adding that the decision ”must be because of political reasons”.

(Image Credit: email image via Hao Peiqiang)

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