Another Chinese Company Sues Apple, But This Time For Snow Leopard

Posted on Jul 3 2012 - 4:30am by Editorial Staff

Just only a day after Apple finished its long-term iPad trademark fight in China, another trademark lawsuit, this time from a Chinese household company called “Jiangsu Xuebao” and is for over Snow Leopard, reports M.I.C Gadget, seems like Apple’s product name doing extra well in the country. The Chinese company claims that it has registered the trademark of the Chinese translation of “Snow Leopard” i.e. Xuebao back in 2000 for electrical equipment and they are saying that Apple’s Mac OS X “Snow Leopard” has violated the trademark.

The case is now in Shanghai court and is scheduled for hearing on July 10. The Chinese company claimed that they had 104 evidences that they had handed to the court, they are seeking 500,000 RMB (around $80,645) compensation fee and an official apology from Apple. Meanwhile, further interesting is that the company also sued Apple’s Chinese counterparts who advertise and sell Snow Leopard in the country.

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