Anonymous Revealed That It Helped WikiLeaks Get ‘Syrian Files’

Posted on Jul 9 2012 - 6:04am by Editorial Staff

Last week we have reported that WikiLeaks had started publishing Syrian files, which collectively contains around over 2 million emails, over on which, the hacker group Anonymous has revealed that they had helped WikiLeaks to obtain those documents.

In a statement released by the hacktivist group on Saturday, “Anonymous Op Syria team consisting of elements drawn from Anonymous Syria, AntiSec (now known as the reformed LulzSec) and the Peoples Liberation Front succeeded in creating a massive breach of multiple domains and dozens of servers inside Syria.”

“The data available had been so massive that downloading it had taken several weeks,” the noted stated. “As long as the tyrant remains defiantly in power, Anonymous will continue to work relentlessly day and night–from every country and every timezone, to assist the courageous freedom fighters and activists in Syria,” the statement said.

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