Analysis: Apple Will Be Worth $3 Trillion By 2022

Posted on Feb 25 2012 - 12:26pm by CONTRIBUTOR

Editor’s Note: Guest Author Sachin Mishra is in the process of finishing his Computer Science engineering, and having a wide interest in the field of Web Designing and Development.

Everyone know well about the Cupertino-based Apple company which is also termed as the world‘s largest public company, now an “interesting” thing that recently founded during company analysis is that the company’s market capitalization will come to an estimate of around $3 trillion by 2022 – It was found during analysis of market capitalization of Apple shares which recently crosses a $500 mark, hit a record high of $526.29, by up roaring the share prices of company  today gave it a market capitalization of just under $500 billion.

The day February 14, Apple share price are closed above 500 and only in span of ten days, shares has reach above $526.29, estimating that that Apple will be $3 trillion worth company by 2022. The company earns $13 billion in first quarter and announced sales on Dec 31 of various products 37.04 million iPhones and 15.43 million iPads and totaled $46.33 billion, up 73 percent from the previous year.

Company has increased its earning which has been doubled this year. There are huge amount of investors in which is estimated to be approximate half of U.S population. The share prices grew up by 20 percent in comparison of previous year. Revenue of U.S Corporation also grew up by 20 percent cause to grow the share price by 20 percent.

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