An Ultimate Guide To Mould Removal

Posted on Jan 26 2015 - 9:23am by Alexandra Ashton


Whether if you are a homeowner or if you are just renting the place you are certainly familiar with a horrible feeling you get when you see the initial signs of the mould. You just know how much work you will have to do to solve this pesky problem. Fortunately, if you manage to catch the mould problem before it spreads all over your house, you will be able to successfully get rid of it on your own. You won’t even need to call the expensive professionals if you act quickly. With the help of this useful infographic you will discover simple ways to solve the mould problem you can do with the help of everyday items that you already have in your house. Of course, it is important to find the source of mould before you do anything, in order to stop these problems from happening again. If mould is growing behind walls, you will usually have to replace the plasterboard completely.

Did you know that mould can happen anywhere if the conditions are right, even on your clothes? Luckily there is an easy way of removing mould from clothes that only requires two items, vinegar and detergent. You need to place 1 cup of vinegar into washing machine drawer, along with detergent and wash your clothes on hot temperature setting. To kill the rest of mould spores you will need to hang clothes to dry in sunlight. Vinegar will kill 82% of mould species and is effective for all common fabrics.  For specialist fabrics, such as leather or silk, you should definitely choose dry cleaning because you don’t want to risk it, right? The best way to keep mould at bay is to ensure your home and items are kept well ventilated, insulated and dry.  Get more great advices in this interesting infographic.


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