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Moving to America is a huge lifestyle change and difference, you need to know exactly why you want to move and live there and whether it is the right choice for you. There are dozens of things to consider and think through before committing. Maybe you are moving their for work, or maybe you just like the country so much that you want to live there. You could just be visiting for a few months and taking a holiday like tour of the country. Whatever you’re going there for you need to make sure you follow some simple tips to stay safe and ensure you are following the laws of the country. It is a beautiful place, with differing environments and cityscapes but there are certain tips that can help you get the best out of the country. These are in no particular order, and can help you if you are planning to move to America or just visit there for an extended period of time. Some of them you may already know, but the others could give you the ideas you need to make sure the trip goes without a sinch. Good luck!

Travel And Live Legally

You must make sure you are in the country legally. This means getting the right kind of visa. There are different ones for differing needs. A basic one is enough if you are just visiting the country for a holiday or short period of time, but if you intend on working there you may need a different one. If a firm has required you presence in the country they can sometimes sort this out for you and pay the required fees but if not you need to be clued up to know what is going on. If you have decided to move to the USA then the process is entirely different. You need to instead apply for permanent residency. There are all kinds of criteria you must satisfy before you are accepted and allowed to remain in the country for an extended period of time. Make sure you apply for the right thing, otherwise you could end up living in the country illegally and end up being deported. With permanent residency you should consider applying for full citizenship so you get more rights in the country, you can find out more at Remember, follow the right procedures and processes to enable you to get the right documentation or you could be endangering your family’s style of living in the states and you could all be kicked out if declared illegal. Be careful, be diligent and try to get your green cards through all the right means.

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Do Your Research

You need to work out which cities you want to visit on extended stays. America is a huge place, and though you can get connecting flights to all of the cities with relative ease it is still prudent to properly research and work out what you want to do and where you want to go. Depending on your time in the country, some people do either the East or West coast of the country. But if you felt like it there would be nothing wrong with doing both or heading to the middle states then do it, it’ll just mean everything will take a little bit longer or that you will have to rush. Make sure you plan everything out, where you are going and what you are going to do there. Give longer time for cities of significance like New York or Washington DC because there is so much more to do there. If you have everything planned out then it will be way more simple. Remember, if you are moving to America then you need to plan where you are going to live. Approach this in the same way as house hunting in your home country. Check out the different city’s, facilities and services. Local area, wildlife, and weather. Make sure you do your research before moving to an area sos you are not hit by any nasty surprises.

Watch Out For The Wild

If you are moving close to any national parks of large swathes of wildland then be careful. So many people have gotten lost and have never been found. You can enjoy these places as part of your journey or home, but remember to look ahead and know what you are doing. Tell people who aren’t going where you are going and how long you are going for. Take food, a map and suitable clothing and where you can take a car as far as you can into the wild. There are some bad wildlife too which can cause you problems. Snakes and other nasty insects coupled with the bigger beasts can cause serious harm. Florida is teeming with alligators for example. If you have your research then you’ll be fine in the knowledge that you have prepared and know what you are doing. There are some beautiful places in the wilds of America that everyone should be able to enjoy, but if you want to be safe put the effort in beforehand. Know the area and have your research to keep you safe. There is so much land to get lost in it can become daunting fast. Your best bet is to stay on park ranch approved pathways and areas until you feel you know it well enough.

Be Wary Of City Areas

Gang crime is rife in certain areas of America and as someone just visiting it can be easy to stray into a bad part of town and come under danger. All countries have places to avoid, yet America is especially dangerous because of its love for firearms. Many gang members have firearms and gang killings and firefights are a regular occurrence in many US states, especially Los Angeles. Make sure you check on the area you intend to visit or move to before going through with it. Be careful in each city and only visit unknown areas after reading up about them. You can find out where the major crimes are happening often enough. If you are on holiday or travelling the states then you’ll probably miss these anyway. But when you are moving to somewhere new you may want to work out your commute in a way that you don’t hit dangerous areas. In some cases there is little to worry about, but in others it becomes dangerous and worth the foresight to avoid any nasty incidents.

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Know The Laws

Different countries have different laws, of course you probably knew that. As such, read up on American ones before moving there. The major difference in America is the fact that each states’ laws differ to others, essentially making them mini-countries in their own right. You need to know the wider law, but also the state law. Firearms are a great example. In some states they are kind of illegal, but in other states you can either carry them concealed or even open carry. Some states have limitations on what type of guns you can carry, whereas others don’t. Before travelling to or moving to America, check up on the country’s law and then the state law to make sure you are always within it and never flouting it. The same goes for their driving laws, which are quite relaxed but need reading up on nonetheless.

See The Sights

There are so many amazing places in America they are all hard to squeeze into one article, but whether you are there for travel or moving to the country you need to see them at some point. New York is a must, with its dazzling heights, constant hustle and bustle and the many great places for shopping and checking out some of the best museums in the world. Boston is another great place to visit for people who love history as it was central to the war of independance and has some amazing places of significance to America. On this thread, Washington DC is also worth a visit as the political capital of the united states with pulling attractions like the lincoln memorial among other things. If you are going to the country you should see all it has to offer, and though the country is huge, it is still worth it. You should check out Las Vegas, with the bright lights and hard hitting casinos a major pulling point. If you have a family consider going down to Florida and checking out the multiple theme parks there such as Disney and Universal studios. There is so much to see and do. You may as well enjoy what the country has to offer whilst you are there. IF you are doing all of this in one sweeping visit it can be hard to pull it all together and work out timings. If you live there on the other hand finding the time isn’t so hard and you can think of something completely different to do every weekend.

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