Airport Shuttle Services – Why Take Advantage Of This Luxury

Posted on Sep 4 2013 - 12:17am by Kevin Maddox

Airport Coach Service

Every major airport in the world offers an airport shuttle service, or multiple. There are many reasons to take advantage of such services. It is ideal for people who do not have a friend or family member who can drop them off and pick them up from the airport (and many do not, as the airport can be far, and it is a big favor to ask).

First of all, it will save you money. If you are flying by yourself and plan to drive yourself to the airport, or if you take a taxi, you will pay much more. If you drive yourself to the airport and choose to park your car in airport parking, you can pay anywhere from $10-20 or more per day. If you are taking a longer holiday, or if something on your travels delays your return, you could end up paying several hundred dollars just for parking!


Leaving your car unattended for more than a few hours at a time (besides the occasions when it is sitting, say, in your driveway), is not the best idea. And leaving your car on its lonesome for days at a time can be downright dangerous. Sitting in an airport parking lot, your car could be stolen, or broken into. Why not forego the risk altogether by booking an airport shuttle?


You can book an airport shuttle for anywhere you need to leave from. You can arrange for an airport shuttle to pick you up from your hotel or wherever you are staying at a certain time, so you can be sure that you get to your destination on time. You don’t need to worry about weaving your way through traffic, or waste extra time parking. Moreover, you can fit more luggages onto a shuttle than in a taxi or your car. Most shuttles allow at least three pieces of luggage per person, at no extra cost. Also, airport shuttles can more easily accommodate passengers with wheelchairs. For handicapped-accessible vehicles, be sure to call ahead of time.

Extra Discounts

You can get extra discounts on shuttles by booking larger groups. Many airport shuttle service companies offer even lower fares to large groups (for example, groups attending conventions). Companies like Albany Airport Shuttle service provides is a flight guarantee. If you miss your flight due to the shuttle being late, they will pay any extra charges it costs you to re-book your flight. Such insurance is unavailable with a taxi, or, indeed, with your own car!

Plus, in a shuttle, you can sit back, relax, and do a lot more stuff than you could if you had to drive. You can read a book, listen to music, sleep, or even be productive and get work done! For example, if you are bringing your laptop with you, you can send emails or read the news, because some international shuttle services even have optional Wi-Fi connection! Your commute time to the airport is just as valuable as any other time—why not sit back and relax, with an airport shuttle?

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