From Airport To City: Taxi Fares Around The World (Infographic)

Posted on Mar 25 2014 - 10:15am by Alexandra Ashton

If you are going to a world tour then take this infographic with you as well. It would not only be yours good chum during your journey but also gives you wonderful information about the places you are going to visit. Do you know that number of taxis in Paris is higher than in New York? Also, do you know that in Spain the taxi cabs have seats for children as well? This infographic provides variety of information regarding many other famous places of the world that you may have visited before or visit in near future.

This infographic states that in Berlin – Germany you would get higher rates for taxis but the taxi service there is really proficient. In Greece, you would hardly find anyone obeying the traffic rules. It’s strange but true, people in Athens – Greece are not so good in following road rules. If you are planning to go to Rome – Italy then you should know that the taxi meter there starts making service charges as soon as the taxi starts to pick you. So while in Italy you should be very careful while hiring the taxis. About Russia you should know that there are many people there who are unofficially operating taxi cabs so you need to be really careful while in Moscow – Russia.

What do you know about Asia? It varies from place to place but when you are in Bangkok – Thailand then you should try a tuk-tuk ride. It is not as comfortable as a taxi cab but a funny way to travel and gives you a different travelling experience. In china, during the rush hours you would see limited taxis only. In Japan it is really hard to find a taxi on the weekends. Last but not the least, while in India don’t forget to experience the ride of cycles, rikshaws and autos. To explore more interesting facts about other regions go through this infographic which will tell you about the taxi fares around the world.

From Airport to City Taxi Fares Around the World

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