The Advantages Of Using Android Phones

Posted on Apr 22 2017 - 11:08am by Editorial Staff

It is quite impossible to meet someone who does not have a smartphone in their hands. Smartphones have become one of the necessities, you do not just leave home without it. But because of this smartphone boom, it is not about who still does not have, it is who has the best one.

Oh, you have probably participated in the iPhone vs. Android conversations, not to mention countless of articles scattered all over the Internet putting both brands against each other. Truth is, even if you think that are kind of neutral about it, depending on the specs you are looking for, you also prefer a specific kind of brand.

With the release of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 from Harvey Norman online or any of your favourite tech stores, it reignited that debate again. So if you find yourself to be in between those debates, this article will focus mainly on the advantages of an Android phone. It does not matter if you are an iPhone user or an Android user, these facts about one phone may help you decide.

Androids are more affordable

Let us get one obvious thing out of the way, Android phones are much more affordable than iPhones. The cheapest iPhone, the SE, is worth around $399. You can get a top of the line Android phone for the same, or even a little less, amount than that. This is not a drag at all, but if you are looking into saving with your purchases, you might want to consider an Android choice.

The standard 3.5 mm headphone jack

We all know about the pods. Very sure some people lost the pods within a week of getting them, maybe they even lost it just by looking at them. Let us put it this way, to be able to listen to music using the Apple handset, you will have to use the Bluetooth connect earpods or choose a wired set Apple has made available as an alternative. However, most of the headphones being manufactured, like Beats or Bose, those use a 3.5mm connector. And compared with the iPhone, all those headphone brands can be used on an Android.

Easy customisation

While most people do not have a problem with the iPhone UI, there are some who find it vexing that they cannot customise their own phones. The tech savvy portion of the users want to be able to make a few adjustments to their widgets and skins because they want it to feel uniquely theirs, and that is not a bad thing. Think of it as your phone being able to stand out among a thousand models of the same kind, which you cannot really do with an iPhone.

Simple file sharing

One of the things people love about the Android phones is its easy file sharing. With the iPhone, you have to create and install an iTunes account. Actually, even after doing that, you will only be able to only move media files from your phone to the computer, and vice versa. But with Androids, it is as easy as plugging it in through a USB port. You can drag all kinds of files, not just photos and videos. You can even see the file system on your phones using file manager apps.

These are just some of the advantages of Android phones, we have not really scratched the surface deeper yet. But you can see why there are some who are passionate about Android phones, even if most have been trying to get them to the iPhone side. Mull this over and consider these points when you make a choice.

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