ADAPTIX Acquires By Patent Troll, Acacia Research, For $160 Million

Posted on Jan 15 2012 - 7:43am by Editorial Staff

Acacia Research Corporation, known for its 200+ technology patent portfolios, announced that it has acquired ADAPTIX, a 4G wireless technology company. The company is paying $160 million for the acquisition.

ADAPTIX, which is having its 230 issued and pending patents portfolio in 13 countries, is recognized well in the industry as one of its first developers of cutting edge 4G wireless systems. With patents filed in early 2000, the company’s research and development efforts have resulted as one of the world’s most significant intellectual property portfolios focused primarily on 4G technologies. The patent here extends across a broad range of 4G technologies including OFDMA and MIMO.

About Acacia Research Corporation:

Acacia Research Corporation’s subsidiaries partner with inventors and patent owners, license the patents to corporate users, and share the revenue. Acacia Research Corporation’s subsidiaries control over 200 patent portfolios, covering technologies used in a wide variety of industries.

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