ACTA Rejected By EU Parliament

Posted on Jul 4 2012 - 11:40am by Editorial Staff

The controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) today finally got rejected. The EU Parliament did the voting today with votes was one-sided, with 478 votes against, 146 abstentions, and only 39 in favor. Earlier also the International Trade Committee voted against ACTA. Overall, the fact is still EU Parliament still can decide if ACTA need to come into existence or not.

An Oxfam spokesperson told The Verge that:

“Today marks a real turning point, a victory for poor people over the interests of big pharmaceutical companies. ACTA could have made life-saving drugs much costlier for the world’s poorest, resulting in devastating consequences for their health. With Europe’s rejection, we’re now hugely relieved that ACTA is going nowhere.”


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