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Custodians, or Janitors, clean and maintain the general hygiene of buildings, hospitals, schools, apartment and office blocks. It is an important but difficult job, sometimes referred to as a dirty job, but it can be extremely enjoyable if you have the right attitude and passion for the job. Janitors clean and take care (hence the name caretaker) of the facilities they are charged with and occasionally help with maintenance work.

Janitorial jobs are oneof the most common jobs and are mostly easy to find. It may be your first job or something you are doing to make ends meet for now, but with the right mindset, you can grow to greater heights.

So you applied and gotten shortlisted for an interview,and you are wondering how to prepare for it, here are some the general tips for acing that interview.

Requirements for the job states that custodian positions do not require formal academic qualifications. Janitorial work is something one learns on the job and beginners or entry-level janitor work under the supervision of the more experienced ones until they understand the details of the job.

One must, however, be able to read and write you are expected to follow instructions on cleaning products, their precautions, how to use them and their use on equipment especially if the setup is a lab.

The job description of a janitor

A janitor is expected to perform general cleaning duties which include sweeping and mopping floors, and polishing them as may be required. They are also expected to dust and blow furniture, machines,and equipment.

The restroom is the domain of the janitor where he is required maintain the cleanliness and report damaged restroom accessories such as taps and lights needing repair and/or replacement. Sometimes depending on their contract, janitors are expected to help out with light maintenance duties such as replacing light bulbs, painting,and general plumbing works.

Since they are the main users of cleaning supplies, they are expected to keeping the inventory of the same and ensure they are always well stocked.

In some circumstances and depending on the nature of the business, janitors are expected to wash office utensils.

A certain degree of physical fitness is required since there is a lot of movement when performing your duties.

Working hours

The working hours of a janitor are dependent on the nature of the business taking place at the places where they work. In some places like banks, they are required during business hours and on half-day during the weekend. In other places, they come in during off-peak hours, do their things and leave for the rest of the day,and they don’t return until the business is closed or the following day. In hospitals, they work in shifts. So ask about your working hours, whether they are fixed or flexible.

What to wear

When attending your interview, dress formally. You want to look smart and presentable.


Interpersonal skills are important in not only winning over your interviewers but for future relations with your bosses and co-workers.

Expected salary

When asked you should state that you are expecting a salary about $16 per hour.

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