A Wristband That Works According To A Person’s Discretion: Meet MIT’s Upcoming WristQue

Posted on Jan 17 2012 - 3:35pm by Editorial Staff

WristQue, a simple, quiet and low-power wristband device which will help in adjusting temperature, humidity and light according to a person’s discretion through the sensors building in and all around in the building. MIT researchers began the project in October and connect with a number of environmental sensors to ensure a “smart” building stays smart yet allows “fine-grained” control over the environment.

According to the phonerpt, the device will accommodate three buttons: two for signalling whether person is feeling hot or cold, and the third one for controlling nearby device through gestures. Since the device is right now in the starting phase but soon it will become the reality.

Seems something interesting will be coming soon – will add up next updates from MIT soon on this.

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