A Helpful Guide On How To Improve Your Child’s Confidence

Posted on Apr 23 2018 - 12:52pm by Editorial Staff

Children are not born confident or unconfident. It is their experiences that can shape their self-belief. To prevent obstacles ever standing in your son or daughter’s way, read the following helpful guide on how to improve your child’s confidence.

Praise Your Kids

Children will measure their worth based on their parents’ perceptions, which is why you should aim to praise your kids when deserved. However, you must be realistic with your feedback. If your son or daughter fails, praise their effort and not the result. You should then encourage them to learn from their mistakes and try again, and you should praise both the effort and the result once they achieve their goal.

Choose the Best Nursery

The nursery you choose, and its teachers, will ultimately help to shape your young child’s confidence in their own ability. To ensure your child has the best start to life, you must select a nursery that is dedicated to helping your child become a confident learner, such as the high-achieving Private Nursery in Hampstead, London, where their Key Stage 1 pupils are performing in the top 5% of the country.

Teach Independence

Give your children the freedom to make their own mistakes, which can ultimately teach them independence. Supervise children from the sidelines in a safe situation and allow them to try new tasks or ideas. For example, you could encourage your teenage daughter or son to make their own doctor’s appointment or to cook a delicious dish in a kitchen. While you should supervise them, you should try not to intervene or hover over them unless absolutely necessary. This will ultimately help them to expand their horizons and have confidence in their own ability.

Encourage Sports

Sports can effectively help children build self-confidence, as it requires practice and improvement, and encourages participants to achieve set goals. It is also a helpful way for them to identify their strengths and weaknesses, accept defeat, and improve their teamwork skills. In addition, the physical activity will help them to develop leaner, stronger bodies that can considerably boost their self-esteem.

Promote Positivity

Whenever your child says “I can’t,” you must tell them “you can.” A positive attitude can transform your son or daughter’s mindset, as they’ll develop a glass half full attitude. As a result, they’ll be more likely to believe in their skills and talent and are therefore more likely to reach their goals.

Celebrate Your Child’s Achievements

If you prove how proud you are of your child’s achievements, they will have the confidence to go after their additional goals. You must, therefore, aim to celebrate their achievements together as a family, which will show your son or daughter that they are talented and hard working. So, go for a family meal, buy them a gift, or treat them to a fun day out. Not only will your child be brimming with confidence, but your love and supportcould help them develop a harder work ethic, so they will put their all into achieving their next goal.

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