A Guide To Job Hunting For Graduates

Posted on May 18 2015 - 7:01am by Alexandra Ashton

You have finished college and now what? It feels horrible to leave college not knowing what you will do next. But this is reality for the majority of graduates. After years of security in the college they suddenly found themselves in the real world. While you have learned various things at the university and gained your qualifications with great difficulty and with even more perseverance, you must admit that it hasn’t prepared you for the real world with which you now have to face. Where to look for a job? How do you search for it? What to say in an interview? These are not topics that you have discussed too often, right? Fortunately, in this great infographic you can find excellent tips that will help you to more easily navigate the exciting but uncertain world of work.

Unfortunately is not that easy to find a job for graduates no matter how great your grades were. The competition is tough and the situation on the job market is not that great. Be realistic and lower your expectations while you are job hunting. This means that sometimes you might have to accept jobs that are not the ones you have been dreaming about while you were sitting in school. But sometimes that can be a good thing. You may not find a job of your dreams, but you will find one where you can learn a lot. If anything, all you learn on it will bring you one step to that perfect job. If you can’t find a job quickly after graduation, you might want to consider volunteering. You might not get paid, but you’ll get work experience. Find an area you’re passionate about and see if there are any suitable roles. Check out more interesting advices for job-hunting after graduation in this great infographic.


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