A Guide To DIY Cleaning Products

Posted on Aug 1 2014 - 8:55am by Alexandra Ashton


When you go to the groceries, how many cleaning products do you actually see that promise you that it’s environment-friendly? And from those environment-friendly products, how many really are affordable enough to fit your budget? That’s the problem with the chemicals you can see displayed in your favorite grocery shops: you can’t know what’s in them and you can’t really be sure whether the chemicals are safe for the environment, especially the sewer system where most of the chemical remains would stay unflushed and would then damage the soil and potable water source. Cleaning products are easy to make with this infographic.

Leave it to the America’s initiative to make its own cleaning products. With hundreds of tutorial videos on YouTube, Devour or even in Bisaya Short Films’ blog, you can easily get the ideas on how to make sure that the cleaning products you’re using for your bathroom cleaning and toilet sanitation can provide the best form of responsible cleaning agents that will do its job and will also take care of the environment. The good thing about the world you’re living right now is that in a few clicks you can read from Slate or The New Yorker or from The Brain Pickings Project or even from brilliant The JessicaRulesTheUniverse.com blog everything you need to know on how to culturally be a responsible citizen in the world, and that includes being a person who buys chemicals for cleaning solutions the right way.

This infographic is a teaching guide on how to find those products and how to make them yourself. DIY is key to achieving self-reliance, although it’s not always advisable to do it that way since there are repercussions in DIY that may harm you, including those who try to replace professional help with stuffed content in WebMd. Be a responsible citizen now.


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