A Guide for Buying Second-Hand Items

Posted on Jul 27 2020 - 7:13am by Editorial Staff

Second-hand may carry connotations of low quality, defects, damage or being worn out — but it’s simply not the case. Second-hand means preloved, but it also means a bargain and the opportunity for unique pieces. Second-hand items may not even appear anything less than new.

Here’s a quick guide for various opportunities when seeking second-hand.

Upcycling Furniture

Furniture is one area which can cost a significant amount of money when you’re buying new pieces, especially if you want quality. Buying second-hand and upcycling is a great way to not only save money, but to create your own unique pieces and therefore make the item exactly how you want.

Not only that, but older second-hand pieces may be durable and made of higher quality materials (such as ready-made wood pieces rather than flat pack furniture). If you can bag a bargain with items like this, you’re not only creating a unique item, but a dependable one, too.

You can browse second-hand furniture stores for items, look online or even browse the streets, as some people leave unwanted items outside their homes to be collected.

Upcycling takes extra effort, of course, but if you love crafting and getting busy with paint and design, then upcycling furniture can be very fun.

Second-Hand Fashion

Buying preowned clothing and fashion accessories can save you a lot of money, without compromising on style. Not only that, but it can give you access to some unique pieces which may not exist anymore in high street shops, such as rare or vintage items. Second-hand fashion can be in perfect condition and just like new. Thrift stores may be selling items which were donated without ever even being worn.

You can also save a significant amount of money when buying preowned jewellery when the items look like new anyway. Furthermore, if you’re buying jewelry as a gift — perhaps for an older loved one, such as a grandparent — then preowned jewelry can give you access to more classic designs which may not be around anymore, or unique pieces that they’ll simply love from their own era.

To find second-hand fashion, seek out local thrift stores which you can visit, or check out the options when in a new place or city. You can also search online for any opportunities, or even private sellers. While it may take longer to find the right pieces for you when browsing second-hand, the effort is absolutely worth it.

Check Out Garage Sales

Garage sales or local community events where private sellers are getting rid of their own items are the perfect opportunities to browse. Whether it’s household items, books or clothes, you can give items a new home, while bagging some unique pieces for yourself. The chances are that the price tag at garage sales will be significantly low, too, and there’s always an opportunity to haggle or to make a deal with the seller while you’re there.

There’s even a chance you could find a rare item, such as a rare edition of a book which has been passed down through generations and sold on. Whatever you are searching for, it’s safe to say that seeking out preowned is worth the effort!

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