A Flowering Color Calendar

Posted on Mar 9 2015 - 7:03am by Alexandra Ashton

If you love gardening then you have been surely been dreaming about having a garden you will be proud of. Garden that will attract admiring glances of your neighbors all throughout the year. But, as if in spite, your garden only attracts glances with its colorfulness in the spring while the garden of your neighbors is filled with flowers even in January. However, war for the prettier garden is not finished just yet. You can easily and quickly turn your garden into an oasis of scents and color throughout the whole year, if you just know the right time when certain flowers are blooming. Did you know that Japanese Camellia is blooming in the January, February, March and December? You will have colorful garden during the whole winter if you plant this beautiful flower which is native to Japan and China. With its petals that are usually white, pink or red you will definitely brighten the gloomy winter days.

You need to find a way for arranging the flowers to assure that at least one type of flowers will always bring a bit of color and brightness to your garden with its blossom. If you think that is a difficult task to find out which flowers bloom in which month, you are wrong. You just have to look at this interesting and helpful infographic to discover when the wide range of flowers is blooming. While there is not a lot of flowers that will blossom during the winter, you will have plenty to choose from during the spring to summer. From Carolina Rose, Shasta Daisy to Japanese Toad Lily or some other beautiful species, you garden will look amazing no matter which one you choose. Check out this great flowering color calendar designed especially for U.S. and you will definitely have most colorful garden in your neighborhood.


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