9 Places To Sell Your Website

Posted on Jun 22 2012 - 11:44am by Editorial Staff

You have been thinking of to sell or buy a website or a domain, but you don’t know exactly from where or how you will start with. You know you want to make hundreds of thousands of money by selling the property but no idea. It is pretty common that you will not found the best potential buyer at first, but there are possibilities on how you will can able to find the one.

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Selling or buying of website or URL is nothing smaller than that of like buying a house, it is bit complicated but in order to help you out and make your work little easier for you, we have sorted out the list of nine websites, which help you buy or sell your online property, then whether it would be a website or a domain:


WebsiteBroker allows you to sell both domain names and complete web sites and allow you to list your domain or websites for 90-days for $9.95 or $29.95 for a premium listing that gains you extra exposure. Domain names have similar auctions priced at $9.95 for standard listing and $14.95 for premium. There are no commissions charged on completed listings.

Webmaster-Talk.com Marketplace

The marketplace will cost you nothing, and will allow you to do from promoting your services to selling your established sites. The promotions will cost you credits that you need to purchase from the site while for auctions; will cost you nothing but few bucks.


Website buyers love Flippa due to the extensive inventory of websites and domains to suit a range of website investors. Flippa is dedicated completely to websites, so the entire buying experience is tailored to make it as easy and secure as possible for you. Website sellers come to Flippa due to it having the highest sales rate in the industry—largely due to the massive size and quality of the Flippa website buyer audience.


The forum features discussion of all types of web development related topics which allows you to post a site for sale as long as you have been a member for at least 14 days, do not have a reputation in the red and have a minimum of 25 posts throughout their boards.

GeekVillage.com Forums

Listing you site with the GeekVillage.com forums will cost your pocket a mere $9.95 per topic and you must be considered as a member in good standing with the forum.


The site considered as number 1 most visited website marketplace on the internet, ranked by Alexa.com. The site provides professional, reliable appraisals of hundreds of websites in a wide variety of industries from the past six years and now has become one of the most trusted places on line for buying and selling websites and domain names.


SitesIndeed.com is a new and unique on the internet website that was created to assist you in buying or selling websites and provides basic listing ads for free for up to 90 days.


Brookfield Holdings looks for innovative existing internet companies which sell online products or offer services. Examples include classified ad sites, all membership sites, drop ship products, contest sites, gambling, adult, e-book sales sites, and especially content sites. This site charges no commissions on the sales through their company, but will cost you one-time fee: Start-up sites will cost you $39.95, established sites pay $59.95 and a Permanently Featured Listing will cost you $99.


WebsiteAcquire only charges $5 for listing your site, but it isn’t very browsing friendly. When a user clicks on the link to buy a site, they ask you to search on keywords instead of just letting you browse the currently available listings.

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