9 Curious Wedding Traditions From Around the World

Posted on Jul 13 2015 - 7:02am by Alexandra Ashton

If you are planning a wedding, you have surely heard about some interesting wedding traditions. With all the responsibilities that you when trying to organize the perfect wedding, you still have to think about all the rituals that you need to do to ensure that your marital future is bright. Each member of your family surely has some idea about a certain tradition that you must follow if you want your marriage to be successful. Will you listen to the advice from your mother, aunt, grandmother or his side of the family? How to choose a tradition to follow when you have to choose among so many?

Wearing something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue is well known tradition held by brides worldwide. But there is still a large number of unusual traditions that will certainly entertain you. You might even find a new family wedding ritual. Why don’t you try to introduce the custom from Peru called The cake pull instead of throwing wedding bouquet? Before the wedding cake is cut by the newlyweds, single female guests gather around it and take hold of white ribbons protruding from it. One of the ribbons is attached to the ring. Each of the girls pulls on their ribbon, and the one that pulls the ring out will be the next girl to get married.

This really sounds like a nice tradition, is not it? Certainly it is better than having all single friends fight because each of them wants to catch your bouquet. This way, even the ones that are not as athletic as the rest of them will have an equal chance. This will depend on luck and not on which of them can jump higher. Find out more interesting wedding traditions from around the world in this great infographic.

9 Curious Wedding Traditions From Around the World

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