9 Best Foods to Eat To Lose Weight

Posted on Sep 20 2013 - 10:45am by Marshal Gatlin


Many people are struggling to lose weight, which is aggravated by the fact that it is difficult to find the right foods that can help in losing weight. In fact, there are some that are changing and swapping different diets in losing weight that is a wrongful doings. That is why it is important to know the foods that can actually help in losing weight.


This fruit will not only keep the doctor away, but can also help you in solving your weight problems. It is a perfect snack for people on the go and also contains antioxidants that can fight and reduce the excess fat on the belly. That is why if you want to lose weight, then you should start munching an apple.


Lean meat can also help in losing weight. However, you should choose an organic beef to make as steak as it is the healthiest. The steak should be broiled or grilled and should be served with plenty of veggies and crisp salad.


You can eat all of the eggs including the white and the yolk. Boiled, poached, scrambled and omelets are perfect way of starting the day. However, if you do not have time to cook, then you can make a tortilla on weekends that you can eat throughout the week.


This is one of the best foods that can help in losing weight. It is because a cup of raw kale contains about 34 calories but contains more iron, fiber and calcium.


This is perfect for breakfast and in reducing weight. All types of oats are considered healthy but the best ones are the rolled and steel-cut varieties. You can use oats when making meatballs as an alternative for breadcrumbs.


This super food is not only good in losing weight but also in flattening the belly. The red and yellow lentils are the quickest to cook as compared to the other types. Their mild flavor is perfect and can blend with different dishes. Likewise, using lentils when cooking adds plenty of substance and texture to different meals.


One of the best foods that are deemed to be good for the heart and can do great for the waistline. This food is a good source of Omega 3 that helps in building muscle. The more muscles you have, the more calories naturally burned.


Berries are considered good foods as well as the blue foods. That is why eating blueberries can double the benefits that make losing weight a lot easier. Eating a bowl of blueberries sprinkled with little cereal and milk or low-fat yogurt.


This fruit contain more fat but it is safe to consume. In fact, avocado is really fantastic in reducing excess weight.

Aside from knowing the best foods that can help in losing weight, it is also important to consume them in the daily diet. In order to become successful in reducing weight, it is ideal to modify or change the eating habits. As much as possible, you should consuming variety of foods for each meal. Make sure to choose a meal that includes a balanced diet so that you can avoid too much calorie intake.

Salads are also considered as best foods in losing weight, but you should be very extra careful in adding creams or sauces. You should know that adding mayonnaise to salads can give more fat and calories. Likewise, in baking potatoes make sure not to add tons of butter.

Instead, you can fill the baked potatoes with cottage cheese or baked beans. Additionally, in choosing the best foods for losing weight make sure that they also satisfy hunger for long periods of time and at the same time boost the metabolism. Eating in moderation can also help in eliminating unwanted fat in your body.

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