8 Stylish Bedrooms For Kids

Posted on Jun 25 2019 - 12:55pm by Editorial Staff

Whether they’re playing the day away or tucked in for a good night’s rest, children spend an awful lot of time in their bedrooms. Whether you’re looking for modern nursery decor or to update an area as children age, here are 8 ideas to get you on the right track.

The Great Outdoors

Transforming a youth bedroom into something akin to a camping trip is a great way to help kids experience outdoor life in the comfort of their own bedroom. Choose natural woodgrains and deeper greens and browns to create a more natural color pallet. For accents, animal prints and shapes along with rugged-looking artwork are perfect.

Palace Pride

Medieval castles are often seen as gateways to adventure, and incorporating those themes into a child’s bedroom interior design will have them dreaming of dragons in no time. Lots of cloth and draperies make a warm and inviting scene and mimic the banners associated with castle couture. The beauty of this look is it can be tailored to boys or girls, and even be gender neutral too.

To the Rescue

Superheroes are all the rage, and both boys and girls can get into the action to get a super look. Bold tones don’t overpower with this theme, as many comics often incorporate primary colors into costumes. Add in some themed accessories based around family favorites and you’ll find it tough to get your little heroes and heroines out of their layers for dinner.

Victorian Venue

For many homeowners, a new baby is a perfect excuse to incorporate all of the frills and bows associated with the Victorian era. Pastel yellows, greens, blues and pinks highlighted by white lace make this look a long-used staple of design. Put a canopy above the crib and draped clinging to the windows to complete the effect.

Movie Magic

A lot of children get star struck by their favorite celebrities, so creating a theme around a Hollywood interior design will let them live out their fantasies. Flashy furniture highlighted in golds with black accents and lighted wall hangings will make bedrooms look like the boudoirs of stars.

To the Zoo

Animals have always fascinated children, and crafting a bedroom look around zoo denizens makes every day an adventure. Try using basic greys and blacks with some bright greens for a grassland contrast. Pepper in stuffed animals to have a safari on hand whenever Baby wishes!

Classic Country

Creating a relaxing country space is a great way to for you and your children to take a peaceful rest from the burdens of growing up. Well-worn (or aged-looking) furniture will produce an aged countryside look, and flowered accents balance the theme well. Stick to calming colors like light blues and whites to reduce stress and keep it cozy

Modern Magic

Instead of choosing a specific theme, opt for a more modern design aesthetic for the space. Sharp lines and simple hues can keep things simple yet elegant, while pops of color will draw Baby’s eye to different spots around the room. When decorating children’s’ bedrooms, look for local interior designers for additional help Don’t forget to ask your child what crazy designs they’d like to have on their own walls…especially before they draw them on themselves!

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