8 Scams That Prey On Older People

Posted on Mar 30 2015 - 7:03am by Alexandra Ashton

When you get old everything changes. You can no longer do everything you want and your whole body stops listening to you. It is not easy to deal with that but things get worse. Did you know that at the age of 60 our brain begins to deteriorate – making us more trusting? This is why so many older people fall as the victim of a scam. Everyone has elderly people in their life, people they care about which is why it is important to talk with them about scams. Just like the kids they need to be warned not to talk with strangers and most importantly never to give them any personal information. For example, in the scam called “The cold call” they are called by someone posing as an official company representative requesting credit card details, PIN or personal information. They believe official person is calling them so usually they will give all the information. Warn them about this type of scam and ensure that your loved ones don’t fall victim to fraud.

People over 60 are twice as likely to be scammed, especially if they don’t have someone who will warn them about the dangers and take an eye on their finances. Be that person to your loved ones. Warn them about the risks and give them the sound advices that will help them avoid scams. Did you know that victims of doorstep scams suffer a more rapid decline in health than non-victims of the same age? Don’t let that happen to your parents or grandparents. Instruct them to ask anyone at the door for their employee ID and to keep the chain on the front door at all times. They should never let strangers into their home. Find out how to avoid more scams that prey on older people with the help of this useful infographic.


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