8 Common Christmas Packaging Mistakes

Posted on Dec 23 2015 - 7:01am by Alexandra Ashton

Is there a better feeling than receiving and opening the package that you have been impatiently expecting for a long time? Surely you have been waiting for your mail carrier or courier with excitement every single day until finally it has come the moment of delivery. But how many times was that excitement ruined when you saw the state of your package? How many times do you get your mail and found out that your package did not arrive in the best possible condition? Not only was the package destroyed, but its contents were also ruined.

You may be thinking that your postman or delivery man have played football with your package or that it was left for days in the rain, but the truth is that the problem is mainly in the way that your mail was packed. Many people make the same mistakes packaging when sending their mail. Do not be like them and learn how to avoid these mistakes. When sending a package you don’t want people receiving it be disappointed as you were when you received a damaged package. Learn how to pack your package properly before sending it, and make sure it will arrive in the best possible condition so the person to whom you are sending it will be extremely happy.

Choosing good courier is an important step in sending a package in good condition but the packaging is more important. Luckily, there are ways you can ensure you prevent your package being damaged in transit. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll discover how to avoid all the common packaging mistakes. For example, did you know how important it is to carefully follow the guidelines of your courier? Ignoring these guidelines is the first packaging mistake people make. Find out more packaging mistakes you can avoid with the help of this interesting infographic.

8 Common Christmas Packaging Mistakes

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