8 Awesome Gadgets Teenagers Can’t Live Without

Posted on Aug 8 2016 - 6:15pm by Editorial Staff


There are so many new tech gadgets available on the market today. Teenagers love to be trendy and have all the new up and coming developments. If you are trying to figure out what to buy the teenager in your life, you may want to check out the latest items on the market. Chances are, they are already hoping to add it to their collection!


There is quite a large selection of headphones on the market today. Some are budget friendly, while others cost over $100. If your teenager is a music lover, a solid pair of headphones is a great option. It is important to read reviews and make sure they have a balance sound. Some headphones focus too heavily on bass. You want a pair of headphones that give clear sound and cut out background noise.

Portable Charger

Most teenagers love their smartphones. Between texting and playing the latest games, there is a high chance their battery is always close to dying. You can help them out by purchasing them a portable battery charger. They charge the battery pack separately and carry it with them. All they have to do is plug the charger into their phone and it gives the smartphone a full charge. This is a great and practical gift.


Is your teenager a sports lover? A Go-Pro is an awesome gift! They attach it to their helmet, and they can record their whole skateboarding routine or soccer game. They are a durable action camera. Currently, Go-Pros are a very popular item for those who are out and about. Also, if they have their own YouTube channel, this could be a great item.


Rotorcopters are all the rage right now. Also known as drones, these flying gadgets are so much fun. There is a huge range of features and sizes available. Some can fly very high and far from your location, while others may only have the distance of your backyard. Regardless, your teenager is going to get a kick out one. Some include cameras to record everything they see from up high.

Smart Watches

Smart watches are a new trending tech gadget, while also being a beautiful and sleek fashion accessory. They connect to your cell phone and alert you when you have texts. Some brands, like Apple, allow you to switch calls to your watch. You can access apps and use Apple Pay. Everything is at a convenient location. They can hold quite a charge.

iHome Alarm Clocks

iHomes connect to your iPhone and let you play your favorite music, while charging your phone. The newest one chances colors if you press a button. They have a radio and alarms. The speakers are clear and provide a great quality of sound. This has become a popular item; every teenager wants an iHome for their bedroom.


There is a huge variety of tablets available. The iPads are one of the most popular, but the Amazon Kindle Fire is gaining popularity as the amount of apps available continues to grow. A tablet is one of the best gadgets for your teenager. They can watch movies; listen to music, play games and more. Tablets are like mini computers.


This may seem surprising, but there are a number of robots available on the market today. STEM is huge right now for our children; understanding STEM can lead to better knowledge and future careers. There are some kits that allow teenagers to build their own robots or purchasing pre-made ones and learning to program them. This is a fun, yet educational, gift for your teenager.

These are just a few of the most popular items your teenager may love. Each person is different; ask them what interest them the most. From purely recreational gadgets to educational ones, there is so many options available for ever type of person.

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