7 Things To Consider While Choosing Women Travel Bags

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Travelling is not just aform of recreation, but a way to life and self-discovery. It’s therefore not surprising to notice the surge of globe-trekkers and a new race of women travelers that are not afraid to travel solo regardless of age.In fact, in a recent travel survey on women in South-East Asia, carried out by TripAdvisor it was seen that 48% women claimed to have traveled alone compared to 36% in 2014.

For a woman, luggage is an area of serious consideration before traveling. Most women (apologies for the gender stereotype) don’t travel light, they are inclined to do more than mere window shopping, and at times require the help of a porter for carrying their luggage. It is recommended therefore, not to make impulsive decisions but plan meticulously before traveling. And considering that the travel bags carried plays an important role in making or sabotaging a trip, here’s a guide to choosing women travel bags.

The Type

It’s obvious that one will not be purchasing a travel bag before every trip.The wise thing to do would be to collect one type of bag over the years so as to use the right one for each trip.

The Size

The size of the travel bag can depend on several factors – the purpose and duration of travel, whether it is for check-in, the size of the person carrying it etc. As a woman traveler answers to these questions are critical. If it’s a short business trip for a day of two, what sense is there is carrying a 28” inch suitcase? But on a month-long frugal trip to Europe, nothing less than a 55L backpack would suffice? Briggs & Riley (http://www.luggageonline.com/brands/briggs-and-riley) has a wide range of bags in different sizes and types. So take advantage of the internet and have a look at the different size bags available to you!

The Features

While purchasing a travel bag consider features like water resistance, lockable zips, weight, warranty, wheels among others. Before selecting the ideal travel bag, consider how often you will be using the bag and in what capacity. For instance, a laptop bag is used to carry laptop to work and back, hence a basic model with minimal features is what’s going to be needed. Identifying what features are important will help one choose better.


Would it be convenient to carry a backpack without side pockets? Or a laptop bag without compartments? The issue of accessibility steps in when we consider the fact that a travel bag must be one that is convenient and accessible. So before purchasing a travel bag the ease toaccess belongings must be checked.

The Price

Numerous factors like the brand, features, material and so on collectively contributes to the price of a travel bag. As a prudent traveler, the smart thing to do would be to weigh the benefits against the cost. A $50 backpack will never offer the same longevity and class as one costing $150! The secret is not to be beguiled by the least expensive (they often don’t last and are uncomfortable) or the most (not everything that shines is made of gold!) So be wise and select smartly. Remember, a travel bag is a one-time purchase. So don’t be extravagant or miserly.

The Brand

Forget the conventional sense of brand representing status. To the modern female traveler, the brand represents a lot more. Brand often translates to reliability, durability, customer service, price, exclusivity, availability and more. For instance, if you are debating between suitcases, Briggs & Riley brandcan be trusted blindly. They have an extensive range and have suitcases that are convenient to use and available in different price ranges.

The Design

Let’s face it – women like their things to look good and classy, which makes the bags’ design an important feature for a woman traveler. Even if all the above mentioned things fall into place, but the bag looks ugly, no woman is ever going to purchase it. So if it’s a spinner that one wants to invest in, then the colorful range available at Briggs & Rileyis something that must be checked!

So make sure to keep all of this in mind while making a next purchase. In case one is still undecided, try ten bags! There’s no harm in that. It’s best to think ten times before making a purchase decision than regret about it later on! So, happy travelling!

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