7 Superb High-Tech Vacuum Cleaners

Posted on Oct 21 2013 - 10:26am by Sam Butterworth


Home electrical appliances are evolving all the time, offering more and more features to make looking after your house or apartment easier than ever before.

This is certainly true in the case of vacuum cleaners, which have changed hugely since the first manual models appeared in homes back in the 1860s, and since the first electric models arrived in the early 20th century.

Today there are dozens of high-tech models available, all claiming to do a wonderful job at keeping your home clean and dust free. But which are the most advanced hoovers on the market? Let’s take a look at the top 7:


If you want to splash out on a futuristic vacuum cleaner then this is the device for you. The LG HOM-BOT is a robotic, wireless, automatic vac that cleans your floor without any guidance needed. This high-tech model is fitted with ultrasonic and infrared sensors to prevent it from colliding with anything, and it even learns the layout of your rooms for future cleans. This isn’t the cheapest vacuum on the market though at US$800.

2. Kenmore Intuition Upright

This is a more traditional looking model from Kenmore, but it still offers excellent gadgetry. The Intuition is so called because it senses when your floor is as clean as it can be, and lets you know when you can stop vacuuming. It is not bad value either, at US$300.

3. Rowenta Delta Force

This vacuum sounds more like an army squadron than a cleaning tool, but this isn’t your average house cleaning device. This is a futuristic looking, cordless vacuum with a slim body and an angled head to allow you to easily get into corners. A charge will last around 40 minutes and this machine will set you back US$180.

4. Samsung TwinChamber Vacuum System

Although this brand is more famous for mobile phones at the moment, it obviously excels in other areas too. This canister-like vacuum, for instance, is light, easy to move around the home and has 2.5 litres of dust space. It’s available at US$319.

5. Electrolux Precision Brushroll Clean

Electrolux have been making quality vacuum cleaners for years and this new upright model has a self-cleaning motorised brush roll as well as washable filters. This is a handsome, substantial machine that you could have for around US$350.

6. LG Compressor Pet Care Plus Canister

This vacuum obviously aims to attract dog and cat owners, with its suggested promise that it will rid your home of those pesky pet hairs that end up everywhere. This is also a high-tech device because inside it works like a rubbish compactor, crushing dust into small bales, meaning you can leave it for much longer before needing to empty it. This model is priced at US$400.

7. Dyson DC44 Animal

Of course Dyson had to enter this list, as one of the leading vacuum pioneers of the last 10 to 15 years. This is a tall, slim model which is incredibly light, easy to manoeuvre and available at US$400.

Buying a high-tech vac is a great way to keep your home looking spic and span and any of the above models should do a very good job. Of course there are also vacuum cleaner spares available, enabling you to repair your device rather than throwing it away, meaning your high-tech hoover could last you for years.

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