7 Natural Ways To Detoxify Your Body

Posted on Dec 28 2017 - 3:10pm by Editorial Staff

With the health craze our word is in, detoxification has become a trendy buzzword used by marketers to push products. But what is detoxification in simple, everyday English? Removing toxins from your body. Toxins are responsible for making us feel sluggish, lazy and irritable. Anything that poisons our body is a toxin. (When eating too many processed breads, the yeast wrecks havoc on our gut and causes infections.) Let’s look at the facts for ways of detoxifying our bodies:

H2O Is Sexy

Water is hands-down the best way for purifying yourself. Out of the 6 other ways of naturally detoxifying your body, water is a powerhouse when it comes to helping kidneys “clean out” toxicities and gunk. Some “water wizards” drink as much as 3 litres a day! The other beautiful reason to fall in love with water is this: it actually makes you look younger than you are and energises you. Want to make water exciting? Adding some slices of fresh lemon is a delicious way of sprucing up your drink without adding unnecessary calories and/or artificial gunk.

Curb Sugar

Almost all the foods we digest contain natural amounts of sugar. (Excluding packaged products that have sugar added to them.) Artificial sweeteners, honey and molasses to name a few. What all this sugar means for you is this: your body’s insulin levels spike, which puts your pancreas through the ringer. This is why there are so many chronically fatigued people. The root cause of these problems? You guessed it: sugar.

If you drink coffee, reduce the amount of sugar you use. By adding a 1/4 tsp. less sugar week by week, you actually make sugar-loaded candy disgusting. And, because the amount of afternoon-crashes has gone down, I’m able to focus more throughout the day.

Eat Real

One of the main reasons toxins build up in our body… Is because of what we consume. What do we consume? Inexpensive processed refined and packaged foods. Sometimes we even fry those foods. It’s no wonder toxins run rampant in our systems when we add so much unhealthy junk. Therefore, a painfully-obvious (but super beneficial) way of detoxifying yourself… is to consume organic fruits and veggies.

You might be thinking “Duh.” Put it this way: Sort through your pantry and fridge – and count the number of packaged/processed foods against the number of fresh fruits and vegetables. If you have more organic produce, you’re already on your way towards feeling better about your healthy self.

Green Tea

Did you know tea is full of antioxidants? Herbal green tea in particular is rife with health benefits. Enough cannot be said of these little “miracle leaves.” Not only that, but herbal teas tend to fill us up. Meaning we eat less food throughout the day, saving us a couple of pounds. (Kratom is also a tremendous miracle leaf worth considering. You can also buy bulk bali kratom leaves online.)

Sweat It Out

If you’re ready to obliterate toxins, then start sweating. The very act of sweating takes toxins out of you. Our skin has the ability to remove arsenic, lead,and mercury that builds up inside of us. You’re also improving your joint lubrication, reducing the tension in your psyche, mind and body…as well as amplifying your digestion. (Which is vital for detoxification.)

You don’t need to put your body through Hell, either. How many push-ups can you do before you feel red in the face? How many full squats can you perform before your quads are burning, leaving you huffing and puffing to squeeze in that final rep? (The power of squats and push-ups can be done literally anywhere, and are great ways to make you furiously sweat like a lunatic.)


One of the biggest (and most destructive) misconceptions about healthy detoxing is… that you “need” to go on a special diet. (You’ve probably heard of this garbage.) Here’s why this is pure bologna: our bodies, by design, already cleanse themselves. That’s the job of your liver, urinary system and gastrointestinal tract. The 7 natural ways for detoxifying your system you’ve just read about help you help yourself. Naturally.

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