7 Cutting Edge Gadgets To Make Flying Easier

Posted on Feb 23 2018 - 4:11am by Editorial Staff

Long haul flights are very rarely glamorous or comfortable. Even if you know all the tricks to make it a little easier, they can still be an ordeal that has to be suffered through. But can technology help to make your flight an easier experience? Lately, there have been some technological advances that can make a long-haul flight a lot more bearable. So if you find yourself on more aeroplanes than you’d like in an average year, it could be well worth investing in some of the following gadgets:

Noise cancelling headphones

From the constant dull roar of the engines to the chatter of other passengers and even the dreaded crying baby, air travel in a confined space is made a lot harder with the inevitable noise pollution you experience. So many frequent flyers consider a pair of noise-cancelling headphones to be their best purchase for staying sane and getting some peace and quiet. With comfortable over-ear cushions, you should still be able to drift off easily, and some include an airline adaptor as well.

Bacteria-killing light

Always feel ill after flying? You won’t be alone – not only does the recycled air systems and high-traffic environment breed germs, but the cabin atmosphere actually decreases your immune system. Thoroughly sanitising the arms of your seat and the table top tray can really help matters – and now, portable, battery-powered ultraviolet light wands are available that will help you kill off germs and sterilise your environment If you suffer from allergies that are triggered by travelling, this could be a good one to look into.

Apps for nervous flyers

If you have a fear of flying, technology can also help you to keep calm. Using an app such as Breathe2Relax or Calm can help to steady your nerves and keep your mind distracted during take-off and landing. There is even an app called My Fly that is specifically designed to support nervous flyers with tips to use during the flight and advice from professional pilots about what exactly that noise during take-off is. Try to remember that, statistically speaking, the chances of an accident are extremely minimal. If you’ve been unlucky enough to have a negative experience with flying, Slack & Davis can provide specialist support.

Jet Lag Fighting Glasses

If you flit between time zones and find yourself struggling to shake off jet lag, some space-age glasses from Retimer may hold the answer. They promise to help your body ease into a new time zone by gradually changing the time of day that your retinas are exposed to light. Designed to fit over your reading glasses, the frames house a rechargeable battery, and they can also be connected to a USB port.  Could they be the answer to feeling refreshed at your destination?

Safeguard Your Legroom

If what really drives you crazy about flying is the lack of legroom – only further reduces when someone in front reclines their seat into your space – depending on how strongly you feel about it, you could invest in a Knee Defender. This little device clips onto the arm of your tray table and keep the seat in front of you from reclining backwards. If you use one, you need to be aware that many airlines do not condone their use and you may be asked to remove it if the passenger in front of you complains – so you may have to decide if its worth the risk!

Use Your Space Better

When you have very limited room, every centimetre counts, so make the best use of your seat space with a gadget like the Airhook. This clip-on device is designed to hold a hot drink, and your tablet or phone securely to the headrest of the seat in front – this means you don’t have to use your tray table at all, or can use it for something else. With more of us choosing for forgo the in-flight move for our own choice of entertainment, it’s a handy device to have, and if the person in front reclines their seat, it can be adjusted for a better viewing angle.

The next-generation smart suitcase

If technology has not come to your suitcase, the new Smart Luggage from Away could be just what you need. With two super organised compartments that make packing easy, an unbreakable outer shell and – ingeniously –an inbuilt battery that can charge up any USB device on the go. There’s also a compression pad that allows you to fit more into the case. There’s also an integrated combination lock to make things extra secure, eliminating worry about your possessions when you’re on the move.

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