6 Super-Useful Chrome Extensions For Designers

Posted on Apr 25 2014 - 9:53am by Tom Tyrrell

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is no doubt one of the most popular web browsers today. One of the main reasons for this is its super fast speed, and attractive- user-friendly interface.

For Web developers and designers, this browser in its basic form may not seem like a very useful tool, however, there are many extensions that you can add to it. Through extensions , you can increase the functionality of your browser to meet your needs as a developer.

At the moment, there are so many extensions that have been developed specifically to meet some of needs web designers and developers have. IF you are in the business of web design, Here are 6 useful chrome extensions for designers you will find very useful.

1. IE Tab

This extension allows you to simulate Internet Explorer using Google chrome. This means that you can test how well the WebPages you design display on Internet explorer without having to use the actual internet explorer browser.
Internet Explorer is still a very popular browser and it is therefore important to ensure that your WebPages display well on it. This extension helps you achieve this.
There are also websites that display best on internet explorer than other browser out there. The IE Tab chrome extension allows you to open such sites within your chrome browser. Please note that at the moment, this extension only works on the Windows platform.

2. Web Developer

You can use this great tool when you need to inspect a web Page. It allows you to study scripts and all kinds of hidden information from a website.
Apart from viewing hidden elements, this extension also allows you to fill forms, gain exclusive control of your browser’s cache, test your codes and make quick changes. This extension brings you all kinds of useful options neatly organized on in a simple toolbar form.

3. Chrome sniffer

This cool extension allows you to study a web page by letting you view running web applications, and JavaScript Libraries. This extension though very simple makes it easier learn tricks used by other designers. It allows you to hone your skills by letting you study work done by other developers. It can even detect the Content Management System used on a webpage and detect over 100 different frameworks.

4. Code Cola

This is another great extension that you can use to edit your web pages. Using code cola, you can simply click on the area within the web page you would like to edit. You can therefore quickly make the instant changes to Cascading Style Sheets on the go.

5. Resolution Test

When developing a WebPages, you need to make sure that internet users are able to open and view it irrespective of their device’s screen resolution. Resolution test lets you adjust the resolution of your browser to see how your webpage looks at different resolutions.
You can use preset resolutions or specify custom sizes. Every developer understands how important it is to test a WebPages in different resolutions. This extension makes this process easier.

6. AddJump

Unlike the extensions mentioned here, Addjump is more of an organizer. If you have several extensions on added to your browser, what Addjump does is help you organize and manage all of them. You can even group your extensions for easier and faster access. This extension brings you all your extension in a single list letting you access whatever you need faster.

Upon initial installation, Google chrome looks like a web browser you can only use for fast web browsing. However, with extensions such as these, you can work more efficiently and perform more tasks within the browser. To install extensions, simply visit the Google Chrome Web store.

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