6 Shadowy Companies That Run The Internet (Infographic)

Posted on Mar 5 2014 - 10:02am by Alexandra Ashton

We all have our mistakes. We listened to Justin Bieber before searching for good music from Bruno Mars or Glen Hansard or at least MarketaIrglova. Surely, we’ve made more mistakes than we care to admit, and that’s something that can make us believe that we’re humble beings. Mistakes on the internet come in different forms, ranging from uploading your picture of your mother shouting at you while she’s levitating because you made her the subject of your scientific experiments on telepathy and levitation, to showing a photo of your dog taking a dive on your pool of chocolate syrup because the dog knows nothing but licking chocolate goodness. All these mistakes are as understandable as getting a wrong answer from Jeopardy. No one penalizes those that commit that kind of mistake – that’s what your mother would always like to say.

But imagine the other humongous terrors that come from reckless behaviour and irresponsible actions: the war that James Salter magnificently featured in the first chapter of his novel All That Is, the kind of war in the Game of Thrones saga, the World Wars that got the name Schindler in all of people’s wonderful list of heroes. Those were the world mistakes that could have been avoided if there were a protector behind them. Luckily, in the internet world, there’s someone who can protect you. No, not someone, but some things. Go read this infographic to learn more of that.


About the Author

Alexandra Ashton, Communications at Neomam Studios , the UK based Infographic Agency. Alexandra is a content and design enthusiast with a keen eye for detail.