6 Quality Blogging Tips To Improve Online Lead Generation

Posted on Sep 25 2013 - 5:06pm by Editorial Staff

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In the business environment when everyone is bent towards getting information from the internet or attracting prospective customers for services and goods through websites and search engines, it is imperative to establish an effective strategy to convert neutral followers to potential business leads.Lead generation is a word that is often used by bloggers in this connection.

What does it mean and how do the bloggers improve the lead generation?Lead generation is a marketing jargon which has now become a “run-after” internet jargon as well. It is a process of converting client or customer interest into sale of the services or goods offered by the organization.

Today, we reveal 6 ways in which the bloggers can attract and retain the interest of prospective customers for their services and products. For instance if you are promoting real-time lead validation services through your blogs or website you can contrive them to improve your lead generation

Specify very clearly what you are offering on your blog

Clearly write what are the products or services you are offering. It does not matter if you are offering one or a number of services or products, you need to elucidate in simple language what they are and how your client/customer will benefit from them. There is no need to write reams and reams of ornamental literature;keep it short, clear and precise. Here are three more points which would help you to improve traffic in on your blog:

  • Create a side bar, menu or a place on your blog which prominently lists out the services / products you are offering
  • At the end of blog incorporate a small note asking readers to check your offers.
  • If your portfolio has many services, vary  advertisement methods by using different key words.

Look for quality not for quantity leads

When you are generating leads look for quality and not quantity. Be specific, put in writing that you are result oriented and that you would like to work with people who are also result oriented; mutual benefit is a great way to attract lead generation. This may sound contradictory because after all you are aiming to get as much traffic as possible on your website but it makes business sense to elucidate your position that you are only willing to work with result oriented people and not with those who would like to discuss and pass on.

Fast Websites are necessary for lead generation

The faster your website is the easier you would be able to generate good lead generation. It is reported that a minor delay might cause nearly seven percent fall in traffic. This may sound l minimal but each delay can lead to a substantial waste of effort to generate leads. There are a number of ways to make your website faster, include minimum number of plug ins and use images very judiciously as they take time to download and usage of interactive content on your landing pages.

Resource Posts will bring in more traffic on your website

Bloggers usually post tips on their blogs to improve traffic but eventually tips become stale and lose their quality to attract traffic; however,if you give resource posts instead of tips you are likely to get constant traffic on your blog. But, make sure that the resource posts are connected to the services / products you are offering.

Pen a Guide on the topic of interest to public

Select a topic in which public shows interest and write a complete guide on the subject. Generally it is good to select a topic which solves the problems actually faced by the people and answers all the questions they are likely to ask. Use multimedia clips and comprehensive material to put your message across.

Include a Case Study

Use a case study to prove your point. It would show how you approach a problem and solve it. Using of case study will generate a number of leads because it proves that you have ability to solve problems.

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