6 Qualities That Every Good Nurse Should Have

Posted on Apr 24 2018 - 9:49am by Editorial Staff

There are few professions that make a difference in someone’s life and among them, nursing is one of the oldest and respected one. Since the days of Florence Nightingale, nursing has come a long way but the amount of respect it commands in the society has remained the same. If you too are planning to take up nursing as a career, then here are some qualities that every good nurse should have:

A Caring Nature

The ideal nurse is understanding, caring, non-judgmental and also has a strong empathy with the patients. Nurses who are registered to practice have to deal with patients from all walks of life and the important thing here is to give all of them the same of amount of care. A caring nature is important in a nurse because the profession is all about giving your patients the best care possible. This is especially true in stressful situations that hospital nurse in the emergency ward have to deal with every day. Nurses will need to remain calm, be resourceful and quick on their feet to give their patients the best care possible.

Good Communication Skills

This is another important trait that is needed in almost every profession. There are many situations in which the nurses have to coordinate their schedule with other coworkers and doctors. They need to be clear, concise and must have good communication skills to properly coordinate and prevent the flow of any misinformation. Good communication skills are important because in the medical field, any miscommunication can lead to unfortunate results. Nurses also have to represent the doctor some times and deal with the distraught family and friends of the patient. Here too, the need of good communication skill is paramount because you need to deal with people who are in an emotional state regarding the health of their loved one.

Should Be Responsible

Good nurses know how to perform all their duties in a responsible way and this is important because there is no margin for error in their profession. They need to be responsible, accurate and highly detailed in the duties they carry. Keeping record of medical files, minor changes, the patient health and behavior are some of the things that a nurse is responsible for and must be efficient in doing.

Emotional Stability

Nursing is not an easy profession, especially for nurses practicing in emergency rooms or hospitals. The working environment is extremely fast paced and nurses need to be quick on their feet while juggling several responsibilities. This is the first thing that you will be briefed about when you join any nursing related no cost programs in your area. Needless to say, this profession is not for the faint hearted and therefore nurses need to be emotionally stable at all times.

Problem Solving Skills

Nurses need to think quickly and tackle anything that is thrown in their way. Having a skill set of good problem solving is paramount when you are working in an unpredictable and fast paced environment. There are multiple responsibilities to deal with like taking care of the patient’s family, coordinating schedules with other doctors, dealing with the patient’s medical records, briefing the doctor in case of an emergency and managing the staff etc. All of the aforementioned is best dealt by a person who can or at least try to solve any problem in their way.

Respectful to Others

There is a well-known saying about how respect is earned and not demanded from others. Nurses command the respect of the society because they give the same courtesy to their patients. A good nurse is always respectful of others and forever impartial in his or her treatment. Being respectful to others is essential if you want people to give you the same treatment.

The above were some qualities that every good nurse should have and we hope that this article helped you in the same.

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