6 Power-Packed WordPress Plugins For Managing Images

Posted on Aug 2 2013 - 10:26pm by John Pitt

Images play an important role in the blog. The visual stimulus is perceived much more actively by the users, as against to the writer one. However uploading the images with any sort of virtual assistance can be quite tough for the bloggers. If you own a WordPress blog, but is not really a coder, and would like a bit of help in managing all the images on your blog, we come bearing good news for you. In this write up we are going to mention and discuss 6 amazing WP plugins which one can use for the said purpose. Kindly read ahead to discover more:

jQuery Image Lazy Loader WP

image 1- Lazy Load

One of the most intuitive and intelligent WP plugins for showcasing images, Lazy loader has come to be the favorite of a lot of bloggers and the owners of a WordPress site. It is an ideal solution for those who wish to upload a lot of images and yet would want their site to remain swift. Instead of loading all the images at once, this plugin loads the images at the top first and then continues to load the ones below as and when the visitor scrolls down. Hence, it does not put any pressure on the browser to upload all the images at once.

Flickr Photo Album

image 2- flickr

If you are in the practice of uploading the images firstly on Flickr and then transferring the same to your WP property, then this plugin is going to feel like Christmas for you. All you need to do is to select a photoset (or Photosets) on Flicker and then you’ll be able to display the same as galleries on your blog with this plugin being right in place. What’s more? You can administer the look and feel of these galleries to make it to match the aesthetics of your blog. Also, the plugin comes with a rather easy to use widget, which makes it very simple for you display the latest Flickr images on the sidebar of your blog.

Lazyest Gallery

image 3- lazyest gallery

And if we were not yet done with being lazy and bloggers, here is another amazing plugin for you. This wonderfully compelling plugin contains a range of images, and rotates the same in a fade in and fade out mode. You can completely customize the backend and choose what all images you would like to be displayed like that. Furthermore, this plugin provides the option of commenting on images and folders as well.

Dynamic Content Gallery

image 4-dynamic content

This plugin is often used to popularize the content of the blog. It takes a shot of the content and puts it in the image gallery – also enabling the admins to add customized images. The slider is slick and professional looking and helps in getting the attention of the users to the given content. As bloggers looking out for ways to increase the popularity of your blogs, this is one option that should be explored.


image 5- frontpage slide show

The home page of your blog or website is rather important, and what better way to win the attention of the users other than providing them with amazing images in a slider? This Front Page Slideshow plugins makes available an entire slideshow on the very home page of the website, and that to with a sleek and snappy transition. Besides, each of the images is clickable, which means that the users will be transported to a particular address should they click on any of the images. Needless to say, a lot of bloggers make use of this feature to popularize their older blog posts and enjoy higher levels of user engagement to their blog.

WP Photo Album

image 6- wp photo gallery

And if you, as a blogger feels left out, for most of the plugins that we have discussed so far concentrates on the visitors to your blog and not on you, well you will not be disappointed any more. Now let us present you a WordPress plugin which makes it very easy for you, as the admin of your blog, to manage the images. This plugin allows you to move the images between various albums, and manipulate the size of the thumbnails, as well as the pictures in the full view mode.

So we have reached to the end of our post now. At anytime consider opting for WordPress development outsourcing and get highly customized and bespoke solutions for your WordPress blog or site, and that too at highly reasonable prices. And now, please do let us know what you thought about our set of plugins in the comment sections below.

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