6 Marketing Tools You Must Utilize in 2014

Posted on Jan 27 2014 - 9:59am by Steve Handerson


Living in the twenty first century, business marketing is at the verge of new techniques and methods for creating effective customers’ engagement. In order to cope with contemporary trends of the twenty first century, the business entrepreneurs will have to adopt highly responsive and output oriented business advertising tools. Are you done with your business marketing plan for the year 2014 already? Whether or not, you shouldn’t foresee including the following marketing tools in your advertising plan for this year:

Custom Printed Calendars

At the start of the year 2014, you should surprise your current valued customers with New Year calendars. These unique and highly useful tools have great potential to promote your business and get keep customers involved. You can get desktop calendars, wall calendars, business card calendars and poster calendars printed with your business logo and distribute them across your current as well as prospective customers for business promotion throughout the year.

Creative Business Cards

It’s time to get rid of the conventional advertising methods and try something creative and compelling for the customers. The traditionally designed and printed business cards are surely going to fail in grabbing the attention of prospective clients. The marketers should utilize highly creative and contemporary business cards. Die-cutting, foil stamping, embossing, spot UV coating and many other techniques can be used in creating the most compelling business cards instead of getting plain white traditional cards printed, which certainly end up unnoticed in baskets.

Colorful Vinyl Banners

Colorful banners have the potential to instantly grab attention of audiences on the go. Gone are the days when businesses relied on fabric banners for their outdoor advertisements. It’s the time to get benefited from digitally printed custom vinyl banners. You should make use of horizontal outdoor banners as well as indoor vertical banners which are placed on metallic banner stands. The best thing about vinyl banners is that they are water resistant and do not get worn out despite prolonged and direct exposure to intense weather conditions.

Unique Packaging

What becomes a reason for the attention of potential customers towards your products at the market racks is their unique and artfully designed packaging. You should never overlook this aspect of captivating customers’ attention. You should offer your products packed-up in a packaging which is totally different and unique from all the competitors.

Seasonal Greeting Cards

Do you find it as an outmoded method of business marketing? For most of us, sending out custom printed greeting cards to people can be an obsolete and outdated style of wishing seasonal greetings however when it comes to businesses, greeting cards are one of the most influential and compelling marketing tools ever. When your customers receive seasonal greetings printed on a card with your business logo and name, they feel extremely honored and privileged and most probably become your loyal customers.

Stickers & Decals

It is a fact that people love receiving stickers and according to the latest research, stickers are the kind of business advertising tools which are never thrown away in the bins just like brochures, business cards, flyers etc. Since everybody loves to paste stickers when they receive them, the promotional stickers are pasted at various places when they are given away to people and just because they stay there for a longer period of time, they ultimately keep advertising for us in the long run.

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