5 Ways To Teach Your Kids To Ride A Bike Without Training Wheels

Posted on Jan 21 2014 - 9:44am by Danny Lewis


Learning to ride a bike can be difficult for some kids, and for others it simply seems to come naturally. Your child can be riding the same bike with training wheels for months, even more than a year, before they ever get comfortable enough to try riding a regular, two-wheeled bicycle. But there are a few things you can do to make the process faster and less intimidating to your child. Let us examine five different ways you can improve your child’s experience while learning to ride their bike without training wheels.

Encourage Your Child to Ride His or Her Bike

A big part of teaching your child anything is encouragement. By encouraging your child to ride their bike, you reassure them that the activity is safe and that you trust them and have confidence in their ability to accomplish it. By being by their side to provide support while they are learning to ride their bike, you help to boost their self-confidence and make the ordeal less frightening to them by reassuring them that you are there to help. By encouraging them to ride, you will make them more inclined to do so without your help, and once they’ve built up enough confidence, they’ll want to ride without even the slightest prompt from you. 

Equip Your Child With the Proper Safety Gear

Another very important part of the learning process is safety. One of the first things you should always remind your child when teaching them to ride a bicycle is that a helmet is necessary to remain safe while riding. You do not want to frighten or discourage your child, but providing them with all the appropriate safety gear is essential to instilling in them the necessity of safety in such an activity. A helmet, along with elbow pads and knee pads, are all important safety equipment to have for your child. And if they seem to dislike the idea of wearing the gear, do not let the matter become a dispute because you don’t want them to start disliking riding their bike. Perhaps make the safety gear more appealing to them by letting them pick it out themselves. This will make them more excited about wearing it, which will make you more excited about their learning. 

Choosing Your Child’s First Balance Bike

Balance bikes are bicycles with no pedals or brakes. The idea of a safety bike is to allow the child to run themselves around on the bike. This will familiarize them with steering techniques and will teach them to maintain their balance on a two-wheeled bike. When getting your child their first safety bike, keep in mind that they should be able to straddle the bike with both feet flat on the ground. Once you have a balance bike that is comfortable for your child, watch how quickly they get used to the notion of balance. Many opt to; instead, purchase kids 4 wheelers. But you get them a step closer to riding a regular bike by introducing them to the balance and steering of a standard two-wheeled bicycle with a balance bike. 

Learning to Pedal and Brake

Once your child has gotten accustomed to their balanced bike and can stop without dragging their feet while steering and keeping their balance and maintaining their stability, they will be ready for a bike with pedals. Since balance skills have already been established, pedaling should come naturally. 

They Need to Be Under Voice Control

For the sake of their safety, your child needs to know to stop when you say “stop,” because once they have started riding comfortably and efficiently, it will be easier for them to get too far away from you too quickly. Always be sure that your child never gets too far away while riding their bike by ensuring that they understand the importance of listening to your instruction while they ride. This will make the activity fun and safe for you both.

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