5 Tips For Writing Emails That Won’t Get Deleted

Posted on Jun 7 2012 - 1:13pm by Editorial Staff

One or other, what makes us thing again when I get mine email deleted without reading and sometimes even without opening. Sad but this is what happens in reality. What would be the mistake that make the end-user to do so? What precise in letting them even while going through the subject line, and the end-user  delete it while your email still lying and swinging with other people’s email in the inbox.

Or say suppose if think in different end, you had opted for email marketing campaign, where sending per email cost you .25 cents or might be something less. With 10,000 people in your email list will make you bang with $2,500 cost. Now, what if again the end-users does not take a pain to check what email you send it to them – it will definitely make me hyper, so as I presume you will be on the same side of story.

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What or How we do so, with which we can turn this every email into a good ROI as well as not let it to be deleted? This is what I am going to discuss through the article:


The first thing to chase a new customer through email or at least stop to get deleted is by binding up a stronger subject line. Stronger subject line here does not means that it have to be long but it have to be up to the mark – no longer stories in the subject line, point-to-point, and describing in few words what, when and how of your email. Also, not to forget here it is also important to make it interesting, means in few words you are offering the reader a clear picture that why the email is important for him/her?


Once the reader decided that s/he will read your email, the factor that plays an important role here is that is your email too long. If your email is extra long then nine out of ten readers will definitely going to delete it, it does not bother them if your email really make sense to them or not. For them, reading a long “email” story is a waste of time, but if the same email written in short, say maximum three paragraphs, point-to-point, then the end readers will definitely read it. So, pay attention to this trend and start reviewing your email content with an eye for length.


Why the first paragraph only make a stand here? Reason is pretty simple the end user can make a judgement with that first paragraph only, if s/he found it interesting, then s/he will continue reading further, if not, then again your email got a place in his/her trash. Keep a wide eye open on this, while writing an email as first paragraph decide the email future so as yours too.


This step means you have to gear up and do proper research of your prospect’s specific company, industry or position. Make sure your email give important to major business objectives, strategic imperative, issue or challenge and key business events. If your email stands meaningless, means an email without head and legs, again you have to see your email going to your client’s trash box.


The words like solution, partner, leading edge, passion, one-stop shopping activates the delete response, better to avoid them in all respect. It is easy to make this word the part of your email but it creates a big bang vibes in front of your end user.

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