5 Tips For Better Real Estate Photography

Posted on Aug 31 2017 - 10:27am by Editorial Staff

Whether you’re trying to build up a property portfolio or just want to secure a quick sale, the right marketing is essential. It takes more than you think to be a skilled property photographer, so you’ve got to be sure about what you need. With a good camera, a high-quality lens, and little creativity, you can make any home look like a palace.

It can help to practice a little before you start. Try to locate a few different houses, with distinct features and interesting layouts. In fact, the best thing to do is convince some friends and relatives to let you snap a few shots of their interiors. That way, you can experiment with perspectives and figure out how to make your own property pop.

This guide to creating dynamic real estate photos will give you some handy tips and tricks.

Use a Wide Angle Lens

If you can, buy or borrow a wide angle lens for your camera. It’s a really easy way to make interior spaces look broad and spacious. The shot captures a lot more detail and doesn’t end up cutting out features that are off to the sides. It’s not even that the lens makes rooms look larger than they really are. It just fits more of the space into a photograph.

Try High Dynamic Exposures

High dynamic exposure (or ‘HDR photography’) is a relatively new technique, but it is capable of producing incredible images. It works by taking three individual shots of the same scene, at a low, medium, and high level of exposure. Then, using a software program, the three are combined to create a photograph with significantly more depth than a standard shot.

Learn from the Masters

Don’t forget, of course, that the best way to learn is to study qualified mentors. The Placester Real Estate Academy has its own website and an online gallery of superb real estate images. Not only that, but there is a detailed guide to precisely what makes them special and what you can do to replicate them. It is a wonderful place to start if you’re trying to pick up tips.

Stick with the Landscapes

Wherever possible, shoot your real estate photos in landscape mode. The human eye views the world from a perspective that is similar to a 4:3 aspect ratio. So, you do want to imitate this while taking your snaps. Our brains just find the horizontal view a lot easier to process and a lot more cognitively satisfying. While the classic smartphone shot may be popular, it will never be the best way to sell a home.

Always Prepare the Space

You must spend at least ten or fifteen minutes preparing the room for a photo shoot. Your images should never look rushed or untidy. In a kitchen, remove all personal items from the cabinets and fridge (including magnets). Make sure all of the counters are clean and empty. In the bathroom, lower the toilet lid and hide all toiletry products. Clean the mirrors and any metal faucets. If there are towels in the shot, they must be new or look as good as new.

Now, you’re ready to create some superb images. Remember that there’s no need to rush. Real estate photography is a skill which involves patience and attention to detail. Take your time, but fire off as many shots of each room as you can, so that you have a large selection.

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