5 Tips To Beat The Heat And Stay Cool During Summers

Posted on Jan 5 2017 - 6:55pm by Editorial Staff

We all look forward to summer. The beautiful hot weather, picturesque blue skies, long days, it’s a one of the best times of the year. I think we can all agree that sometimes summer can become unbearable with all that heat. Makes us all want to stay inside and crank the air conditioning to the max. Let that machine blow its guts to make sure you don’t sweat. Well…maybe those higher energy bills are something you’d like to avoid too.

Luckily for you there are a bunch of ways to beat the heat during the summer months. All while staying cool. Check out these tips.

Escape into the Green

Summer is for being outside, not sitting inside watching Netflix in your wonderfully air conditioned home. So, venture out into that vast world of ours. While you do, aim for areas with a lot of green. Especially if you find yourself living in crammed cities like New York City. Escape that “heat island” effect.

Plants, trees, basically anything that grows from the ground. They supply you with great shade that is significantly cooler than being out in the sun. Not to mention that plants are capable of expelling moisture from the soil through their leaves. Plants are like natural air conditioners. No more excuses for sitting inside after reading this.

Turn Off Those Extra Gadgets

I remember my dad always yelling at us growing up that we used the air conditioner too much in the summer and as a result, had extremely high bills. So, if you find yourself in a similar condition and are still looking to stay cool while limiting your air conditioner, then this one is for you.

Turning off those extra gadgets and lights will do wonders in the summer months. A simple lightbulb can generate a good deal of heat all on its own. Now add multiple lightbulbs, all the appliances, the electronics, that’s an incredible amount of extra heat. Start pulling some plugs.

Unplug everything that is not a necessity. Always keep the lights dim or off entirely. Obviously at night is the exception for this. You will definitely notice a drop-in temperature.

Simple Home Hacking

Most people rely too heavily on their conditioner. It’s really the people who wisely spend every dollar they have that develop great hacks to make the best of any situation. Summer is no exception. High energy costs for air conditioners are a huge turn off to a lot of people. That’s why we have simple methods that can make your air conditioner a non-factor in summer.

During the day look to use blinds and curtains together to block unwanted sun rays. Keep the light off during the summer. Benefits from the use of windows and fans. For some, you may want open some windows strategically to create a breeze. This also is a great thing to do while getting your AC repair.

At night open the windows. It may sound wrong to some, but creating a cross breeze by open windows in opposite ends of a room or house, can supply the environment with a much-needed current. With the fans, it’s even more impactful. Use the cooler night temperatures to keep you comfortable.

Use More Public Areas

Wouldn’t it be a lot better to use someone else’s air conditioning other than your own?

Yeah, we all do it don’t we.

Public areas like malls, stores, cinemas, and play areas, all use air conditioning a lot more in the summer than any of us do. So, why not get out and about during the summer and spend some added times in these areas?

You can easily spend a couple hours in the mall, and with food courts, makes it even nicer. Play areas like bowling alleys, gyms, and even some restaurants with play places offer a cool atmosphere to escape the heat.

Staying Hydrated

Hydration is never more critical than in the summer months. The risk of heat stroke, dehydration, and sun burn, is intensified.

Make sure to drink even more water than normal during this time. Sweating is part water, as water assists in cooling the surface of the skin down to sustain our internal temperatures. It very easy to became dehydrated then. Drink early and often.

Summer doesn’t have to be a killer anymore. Tips like these ones can easy take the heat out of the equation as save you a bit of money on your bills. Be prepared for summer from now on.

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