5 Steps To A Better Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy

Posted on Feb 27 2018 - 12:18pm by Editorial Staff

The internet is a wonderful thing. Since its invention it has radicalised how we look at some of the most basic things, like communication, shopping, selling, buying, trading, and living our lives overall. But the thing that truly got hit were the traditional notions that were almost etched in stone, right till the point when the internet came and flung that rule book out of the virtual window. The one thing that has evolved drastically is marketing. No other field has seen such a leap forward or should I say branched out so much from its traditional ideas. From the once cardinal “four P’s” (product, price, place, promotion) to the now infamous – “Four C’s” (cost, consumer, communication, convenience) marketing has definitely come a long way.

But it’s not just that the basics of marketing it are the way to market your product in this age of communication that has changed. Now more than ever you can see that you cannot have a ‘one protocol fits all’ attitude. With each company, each product, the marketing strategy keeps changing. If you are finding it hard to get your head around the concept, here are 5 pointers to help you better integrating your marketing communications strategies.

Getting to know the market

With what the marketing gurus say, the market seems like this illusive place that it difficult to comprehend, but it need not be like that. Yes, the market is ever changing and a good understanding of the market is a slightly tedious process but it is not impossible. This can be achieved by studying customer data, analysing that data, looking for trends among customers and looking closer at case studies.

Building for a specific audience

Once you get to know the market it gets easier to specifically target one particular branch of the market. It is a good thing to make a universal product but let’s face it, for your product to be universal it ought to first attract a small section of people, so identify who is your small section of people. Remember, there is always a difference between marketing and communications. The better you understand the two, the better you respond to the specific audience needs.

Make note of your competition

Once you get to know the market you are pitching into, you get to know your rivals. Having a good understanding of who you are up against there is a lot you can learn, both from their victories and their failures.

Make it personal

In this age where everything is lightning speed, it is difficult to tether a good customer base. The only way to do it is to create a personal connection with your consumers. So whether it is an ad campaign or a small email, make a personal connection.

Stay creative

It is hard to do this, but emulating someone’s progress or going by the norm can only get you so far in an ever changing landscape. Learn to think out of the box, brainstorm on new ideas and strategize keeping the larger picture in mind.

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