5 Reasons Your Startup Needs a Coworking Space

Posted on Sep 20 2017 - 9:57am by Editorial Staff

The average startup has to maintain a careful balance between maximizing productivity and nurturing a culture of creativity and independence. Traditional office setups, more often than not, tip the balance in favor of productivity while sacrificing the positivity and energy that characterizes a business getting itself off the ground.

Enter the coworking space: a revolution in office real estate that proves as dynamic as the natural state of a team on a mission to make a name for itself. Have a look at these five reasons why your startup would thrive in a coworking environment.

Coworking Means Morale

Unlike your run-of-the-mill offices for rent, coworking spaces like Common Desk take pride in the amenities they offer their members, from simple essentials like unlimited coffee to outright luxuries like in-house gyms and weekly social mixers. These do wonders for ensuring that employees enjoy themselves throughout the working week, and are likely to translate into better productivity.

Employee motivation is a critical part of ensuring productivity. People generally tend to work best when they have few reasons to complain, and can clock in their hours in a contented state.

Coworking Means Flexibility

Businesses of all sizes and levels of experience are enjoying the benefits of shifting to a virtual office setup. They embrace the freedom to reshape their operations to best fit the rapidly changing circumstances of doing business in the 21st Century.

Coworking spaces are adept at providing this sort of flexibility, with their dynamic and spacious offices and common areas. This is a characteristic feature of the industry, and applies to all its top-performers from the Pacific Northwest to coworking office spaces in Fort Worth.

Coworking Means Communication

How well your team communicates can spell success or disaster for your whole operation. Friction among workmates, hesitation in asking vital questions and clarifications, and even simple, passive dislike can turn ugly when the pressure rises (which it’s guaranteed to do for most startups).

Coworking spaces come with their own culture of openness and collaboration. They’re well-known for their friendly and collaborative atmosphere, as tenants inevitably mingle and exchange the stories and lessons they’ve collected across their respective careers. This kind of environment is highly conducive for improving workplace communication within your own organization.

Coworking Means Networking

The chance to develop a communication ethic is only one of the opportunities that coworking culture can provide for your startup. The same culture of open communication and sharing leads to a high chance of making significant professional connections –your area’s professionals, shakers, and movers are all just a few steps away.

This is a boon especially for startups which, for whatever reason, are facing the task of making a name for themselves within their industry.

Coworking Means Learning

Startups that do well take advantage of every learning opportunity that presents itself. They’re hungry for a peek at the habits and best practices of businesses that have come before, and are eager to interact with other ventures.

Coworking spaces tap directly into this demand, again by virtue of the nature of their business: collecting and housing bright urban professionals and giving them a space to work and mingle. Your neighboring tenants’ work habits both positive and detrimental are in plain sight for you to study, and active conversations and interactions are often fraught with pieces of technical and conceptual advice.

Coworking spaces do wonders for the average startup. They’re as dynamic and creative as the startups themselves, and focus on providing the kinds of amenities and connections that the employees of new businesses need in order to immerse themselves in the spirit of striking out on a new venture.

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