5 Reasons Responsive Web Design Is Here To Stay

Posted on Jan 31 2014 - 3:36pm by Editorial Staff


There have been a lot of changes regarding the way that websites display content as well as changes to what is acceptable within that content. Responsive content was briefly thought to be a thing of the past, but with a few changes to the way that it is delivered, it can still be achieved. More mobile users are using the Internet to obtain access to the content that was once only available via PC. Services such as 4muladesign.com can be beneficial to companies to help their website become more appealing while following content delivery guidelines.

Good for SEO

Changes to SEO regulations have been put in place in recent months. This means that more link penalties are handed out by Google as well as changes to keyword densities being put into place. This does not hinder the way that SEO is implemented what-so-ever; it simply means that content creators and web developers just have to get more creative with the delivery of content. What you want to watch the most is the use of tags, meta descriptions and careful selection of the links used as references in the material. Reputable links need to be used in order for the website to rank well in a search.


Mobile web users need to be involved in the thought process when creating a website in regards to responsive development. This means that they should be able to implement a specific keyword without connecting words to find your website. Customizing URLs is something that should be done specifically for mobile users. The content on the website should also be designed to display the same way for mobile users as PC users without the delivery being the same. Mobile users make up a large quantity of virtual sales and unique visits to a website.

High Local Rankings

Part of the SEO process is the careful selection of keywords. If you wish to market to a local group, it is important to incorporate location specific keywords. This will help your website to rank higher in a search. As an example, if you own a printing service in Bristol, the keyword of choice would be something like print service Bristol or Bristol print service. Keep out connecting words such as in, for or near as it will show a variety of services that may be for different niches rather than your specific website.

Avoid Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is seen as a downfall for a business. This means that copying the design of a website for mobile users of an existing website that is accessed by a computer. To avoid this, use switchboard tags. This creates a link between mobile and desktop pages while keeping the content relevant.

Keep Existing Links

It is important to be careful when link building. It can be done very wrong quite easily. Use the same links in your mobile content as you do for desktop content. More importantly, backlink to content on your own website and other resources that rank high for better consumer satisfaction. Along with this, pages will be shared via social media sites more when the links are the same on mobile and desktop usages of the website. Mobile users will want to see the same content as desktop users.

These helpful tips will help you and your web designer to build a responsive website that will rank high, increase revenues and be user friendly on all levels. It is important to stay up-to-date on changes to SEO policies, keyword usages and link building practices to avoid link penalties and decreased visitors. A little more creativity in the delivery of a responsive website is all that is needed to keep both mobile and desktop users satisfied.

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