5 Plus Size Female Celebrities Who Rock

Posted on Apr 24 2018 - 9:44am by Editorial Staff

When we think about being plus size, we think about role models who have pulled off amazing outfits according to their size and looked wonderful while doing so. The unique manner of confidence and gracefulness that celebrities have can hardly be matched by normal people. However, we do like to look up to these celebrities and hope we can reach to their level of confidence in carrying off various kinds of fashion. Being a plus size woman, if you’re looking to find fashion that fits you perfectly and makes you look good, you’re probably also searching for others like you and what they’re wearing. So here’s a list of plus size female celebrities who will take your breath away.

Ashley Graham

Plus size supermodel and fashionista Ashley Graham is known for her red carpet looks. She has perhaps paved the way in clothing for plus size women to pull off with sheer confidence. She has started a bunch of fashion trends and created a safer space for plus size women to enter the world of fashion. Whether it is suits, dresses, skirts or gowns, Ashley has brought interesting and striking trends to plus size fashion, becoming a hailed role model for women who are plus sized.

Danielle Brooks

One of the main stars of the popular Netflix show Orange Is the New Black, Danielle Brooks is a wonderful example of plus size women who exude confidence and style. She has worn the most enviable outfits on the red carpet and struck the fancy of the camera more often than not. She has the perfect ways to accentuate her curves and enhance the most beautiful parts of her. Her fashion choices have included pantsuits, bodycon dresses, elaborate gowns and many other things. With each outfit, Danielle shows off her confidence enough to look great in anything she wears.

Khloe Kardashian

The Kardashian family is known to have introduced the world to some of the curviest and most striking beauties. If her sisters weren’t example enough, Khloe Kardashian is not far behind in the plus size fashion game. Khloe is often heard talking about her fashion choices and she’s always claimed that she knows what looks good on her. The world wouldn’t disagree. Her a-line skirts and body hugging tops have made the waves on the internet for years now. The Kardashians have a brilliant sense of fashion and Khloe’s outfits are the best example of it all.


With sultry and heartbreaking music that doesn’t leave your mind for days, Adele’s fashion choices are quite simple yet elegant. You’ll find her dressed in dark colours and most of all in black. Not only does she wear outfits in plain colours that highlight her shape but also wears accessories in the ample amount so nothing looks over the top but continues making her feel fashionable and trendy at the same time. Adele’s music is not the only everlasting thing she can produce. Her fashion sense would rival the popularity of her singing as well.

Melissa McCarthy

The popular comedian and actress Melissa McCarthy is no stranger to fashion. Her red carpet choices have been unique and mind-blowing, with her confidence being the key to look and feel great. She’s pulled off some truly amazing outfits without putting herself down because of society. Not only is Melissa outspoken and witty, her wardrobe would perhaps put some of the most stylish celebrities to shame. Be it sophisticated, formal dresses and suits, casual clothing, airport looks or cocktail gowns, Melissa has owned the fashion game for quite a while now when it comes to plus size clothing.

These are just a few plus size female celebrities who have made the waves with their amazing style quotient and fashion choices. There are so many more celebrities like them who have turned the world of fashion around with their size alone. So gather all your confidence and dress like the above celebrities to look your confident best!

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